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  • Doc Benson's Corona Tips
  • The Corona Crown
  • Die praktische Zimmermansshose
  • Doch vielleicht Vogelgrippe?
  • Easter resurrection
  • Ostern Auferstehung
  • Bücher hamstern
  • Distanzierung auf deutsch
  • Enkeln zu Ostern sehen
  • Was machen die Großeltern zu Ostern?
  • Presidential absolute authority
  • Es gibt wieder Toilettenpapier
  • No reason to hoard toilet paper
  • Abstand halten im Park
  • Systemelefant
  • Home Office [newest]

    Religious issues

    If your religion forbids you to look at images of religious personalities, then don't look at the following cartoons. But if you do so, then you do so at your own peril, so don't blame me.
  • Mohammed: Je suis Charlie?
  • Pope's resignation
  • They know not what they do. (drawn 1997)
  • John Smith's reincarnation
  • The missing nose
  • Eating pork, Schweinefleisch essen
  • Family values (with Jerry Falwell)
  • Submission
  • Another day in paradise
  • Intelligent Design
  • Drawing Mohammed


  • Good boy, 2019 [new]
  • Silent Night, 2018 [new]
  • Boys decorate the tree, 2017
  • Fake News Santa, 2016
  • Letters to Santa, 2015
  • Twelve days of Christmas delivered, 2014
  • Camels of the Magi, 2013
  • Santa at the Nativity, 2012
  • Twas the night before Christmas, 2011
  • Two Santas
  • Christ was born on Christmas day
  • Last Christmas (...I gave you my heart)
  • The announcement of the nativity goes digital
  • If Jesus was born in an election year
  • Riding in a one-horse open sleigh
  • Omas Geschenke
  • The three Kings' visit
  • Santa and SpaceShipOne

    Obama cartoons

  • Road to Recovery
  • Obama, open the can!
  • The Yes, We Can
  • O-Sunrise
  • Change
  • Democrats' choice

    Bush cartoons

  • Bush reaching out
  • Bush is compasionate.
  • Bush says he has no plans on his desk.
  • Bush being misunderestimated

    Reagan cartoons

  • Reagan and the USS Reagan
  • Reagan and Star Wars

    Iraq cartoons

  • Senate issues report on CIA torture (English, German version)
  • Finding WMDs
  • Abu Ghraib responsibility
  • Abu Ghraib prison
  • ACME Stretcher Co.: "We Support our Troops"
  • Are Americans molested by Germans?

    Other U.S. domestic issues

  • Anyone can become President
  • Democratic Presidential Debate
  • Toyota Prius Can't Stop
  • Bonus
  • 700 billion pork
  • Virginia Tech shooting
  • Oklahoma City bombing 1995

    Berlin/German domestic issues

  • Der Bär springt für die Olympiabewerbung
  • Problem der Nichtwähler
  • Knut fehlt
  • Guttenbergs Rücktrittsrede
  • Take off von Schönefeld
  • Kopftuchmädchen
  • Wirkt Homöopathie?
  • Bundespräsident Köhler tritt zurück
  • Salzknappheit bei der Berliner Stadtreinigung
  • Habe ich die Schweinegrippe?
  • Das fehlende Europa-Wahlplakat
  • Winnenden
  • Hertha BSC wird Meister
  • Die Mauer in den Köpfen (drawn 2002)
  • Abtimmung beim Volksentscheid zum Flughafen Tempelhof
  • Milchknapheit
  • Mindestlohn
  • Leda mit dem Schwan
    Caution: Adult material! You need to know your Greek mythology (and read German).
    Vorsicht: Nur für Erwachsene! Sie müssen sich in griechischer Mythologie auskennen.
  • Vogelgrippe beim Schwanensee
  • Bundestagswahl - German elections / Schröder stellt die Gretchenfrage

    Other world issues

  • Keine Eskalation in der Ukraine
  • Result of the Scottish Referendum
  • Hamas' Gaza provocation
  • Argentinia and the Falklands in '82 (drawn 1982)
  • Mother's call about cell phone cancer
  • Death of Osama bin Laden
  • Tschernobyl Cartoon vor 25 Jahren gezeichnet: Pessemist
  • Tschernobyl Cartoon vor 25 Jahren gezeichnet: Gras essen
  • Tschernobyl Cartoon vor 25 Jahren gezeichnet: Regen spielen
  • Disaster strikes Japan
  • Körperscanfoto (Body scan photo) als Souvenir
  • Warum hat Schweizer Käse Löcher?
  • Cartoonist in the body scanner
  • China and the Climate Change conference
  • Swiss referendum on the minarette ban English/Deutsch
  • Europe's Direction
  • Chinese coal power plants

    Fußball-Weltmeisterschaft 2006

  • Das Erdnussstadion
  • Das deutsche "No-Go Area"

    Manistee cartoons
    some of which have appeared (*) in the Manistee News Advocate

  • Polling the undecided voter (from 1984)
  • The wish of the Manistee letter
  • *The wish of the grand old trees in Onekama
  • *Gambling Casino
  • Consequence of the Northern Lights power plant
  • School funding for MAPS
  • Fishing in Lake Michigan
  • My design for "Its A Scream!" program (unfortunately not printed)
  • The deer problem
  • *Solving the deer problem
  • *Getting homework in on time at Manistee High
  • Smoking not permitted at football games
  • Spelling of the Visitors Center sign

    On the lighter side

  • Bio bananas
  • Im Neuen Museum: die Büste der Nofretete
  • Licensed to grill
  • Executive assistant
  • Der Hund will nur spielen
  • The Chinese tea cup
  • Thanksgiving dinner
  • Diät machen
  • Bitte keine Zigaretten auf den Boden werfen - lieber vorsichtig hinlegen
  • Forgot the Alzheimer joke
  • Himmelfahrt
  • Der neue A380 Airbus
  • On historical Berlin sidewalks
  • AfriKAffee
  • Wicked witch
  • Currywurst
  • The Field Trip
  • Hund mag Kinder
  • Elephant's trunk
  • Handytreffen (inspired in 1997 by Ruthy)
  • Milchmädchenrechnung
  • Fußballfans vor dem Brandenburger Tor
  • Seeing Visions in the Olympic Stadium
  • Verkehrsmitteilung
  • Kaufland Press Release: Commemorative World Trade Center Milk Carton Set
  • Condom Person says Stop Aids!
  • Turn off your cell phones, please.
  • How the children have grown. (w/ David, Anita, and Ruth)
  • Reading the horoscope
  • Der Umzug
  • In the Sony Center

    Funny online videos I'm in

  • Beck has gone after Alan Benson (incomplete)
  • Obama's Loss Traced To Non-Voter

    Stand-up comedy routines

    These are scripts that are cover topics that are no longer current or that I've repeated often enough. Some for example are from the "Laughapalooza" English comedy nights at the Kookaburra Comedy Club
    Caution! Some adult material here. However, kids may not get the subtle humor anyway. Not many adults either, for that matter.
  • You know when you've been in Berlin too long
  • The Night Before Christmas - my goofy version
    Now also included in a collection of Night Before Christmas spoofs
  • Getting French out of the English Language
  • What really happened in the Stone Age
  • 50 things I learned when I turned 50

    A Toast to the Lassies
    (A Tribute to the Ladies)

  • The Power of Melania Trump, Burns Night 2018 [newest]
  • A Women's Life is Hard, Burns Night 2017
  • The Rewards of Gardening, Burns Night 2015
  • Merkel's Phone, Burns Night 2014
  • A Politically Correct Toast, Burns Night 2013
  • MacWoulph and his Betty, Burns Night 2012
  • The Gender Quota Problem, Burns Night 2011
  • Tribute to MacCain and O'Bama, Burns Night 2009
  • Ms Stewart and the Ghost, Burns Night 2008
  • The Test, Burns Night 2007
  • Satisfying his life’s senses, Burns Night 2006
  • Go Scottish Dancing, Burns Night 2004

    One-act plays

  • “The Mores”, A Utopian Family
  • Final Lecture, Anglo-German Lecture Series "English in Daily German Life"

    My quotes

  • Witty things that I've thought of.

    Deconstructing Hits

  • Camp, Folk Camp based on "Satellite"
  • Poking fun at rock & pop lyrics


  • Translation bloopers that I've run into at work - mostly German.

    Odd Coincidences

  • Harry Potter and the Benson and Bishop Mystery

    Odd Benson links

  • My mother, Erika Benson, is an evil comic figure.
  • My father, Arthur Benson, wrote the text to "Pomp and Circumstance".
  • I, Allan Benson, ran for President in 1916.

    No liabilities assumed for misspellings!
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